Elk – Cervus canadensis. Known as wapiti in Asia. A wide ranging species with fragmented populations in North America and Asia. The number of accepted subspecies is debatable. Some researchers list as many as twelve extant subspecies:

  • Northern and American group
    • Roosevelt elk (C. c. roosevelti)
    • Tule elk (C. c. nannodes)
    • Manitoban elk (C. c. manitobensis)
    • Rocky Mountain elk (C. c. nelsoni)
  • East Asian group
    • Altai wapiti (C. c. sibiricus)
    • Tian Shan wapiti (C. c. songaricus)
    • Manchurian wapiti (C. c. xanthopygus)
    • Alashan wapiti (C. c. alashanicus)
  • South Asian group (Central Asian red deer)
    • MacNeill’s deer (C. c. macneilli)
    • Kansu red deer (C. c. kansuensis)
    • Tibetan red deer (C. c. wallichii)
    • Kashmir stag (C. c. hanglu)

Cervus canadensis nelsoni – Rocky Mountain Elk

Cervus canadensis roosevelti – Roosevelt Elk