Images of moose – Alces alces. Moose are currently split into eight extant subspecies distributed throughout North America and Eurasia:

Eurasian Elk – A. a. alces

Yakutia Moose – A. a. pfizenmayeri

Ussurian or Amur Moose – A. a. cameloides

Chukotka Moose or East Siberian moose – A. a. burulini

Eastern Moose – A. a. americana

Western Moose – A. a. andersoni

Alaska Moose – A. a. gigas

Shiras Moose – A. a. shirasi


Shiras Moose – Alces alces shirasi. A subspecies of moose from Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Montana. The smallest moose subspecies in North America.


Western Moose – Alces alces andersoni. A subspecies of moose, alces alces, from the boreal forests and mixed deciduous forests of western Canada and a few western sections of the northern United States. Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies.

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