African Buffalo

Cape Buffalo 015

African buffalo or Cape buffalo – Syncerus caffer. There are 4 or 5 subspecies of African buffalo:

  • Syncerus caffer caffer (Cape buffalo or southern savanna buffalo). The largest and most widespread subspecies.
  • S. c. nanus (forest buffalo, dwarf buffalo). The smallest subspecies from Central and West Africa.
  • S. c. brachyceros (Sudanese buffalo) occurs in West Africa.
  • S. c. aequinoctialis (Nile buffalo) from the savannas of Central Africa. This subspecies is sometimes included in the Sudanese buffalo.
  • S. c. mathewsi (mountain buffalo or Virunga buffalo) from the mountainous areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. Not recognized by all taxonomists.

Cape Buffalo – Syncerus caffer caffer.

[Not a valid template]Forest Buffalo – Syncerus caffer nanus.

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